Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Cheery Winter Color!!

Recently I visited the garden of one of my gardening friends. The picture above is one of the fabulous winter decorations she made to put in her garden. This particular one is in the window box attached to her porch. She filled all of the window boxes with greens and berries. I was so inspired that I came home and made some decorations for our garden.
This urn is in one of the front beds. I filled it with pine stems, leyland cypress stems and holly berry stems. You can use any type of evergreen "greens". If you have a Magnolia tree, its stems are very pretty in these bouquets. All you do is stick the stems into the soil in the urn. Now when I look at this bed I see the bright cheery red berries and it always brings a smile to my face!
We have several gates in our Cottage garden and I put these decorations on all of them! I will leave them out all winter to bring some color and cheer to the garden. It recently snowed here and they were particularly pretty with the snow glistening on them.  
I hope this inspires YOU to decorate your garden in the winter months!
Happy Gardening!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcome to My Blog!!

Hello All!!! This is my first post to my new blog!! Some of you may remember me as a guest blogger on my good friend Tina's blog called "In the Garden".   My passion is gardening. I LOVE to talk with people about gardening and to visit other gardens. I designed our garden as a "cottage" garden. There are many types of cottage gardens, and ours is a very casual, easy-going garden, just like us. We are also a certified wildlife habitat and enjoy watching all the wildlife in our garden. My blog will be about sharing our garden and wildlife stories; projects, lessons learned, experiments, etc.

Happy Gardening!

Words and Photos Property of Christy's Cottage Wildlife Garden, Christy's Cottage Wildlife Garden